Food contact

Additives for Polymer Dispersions

You will find detailed information about the food contact compliance for TEGO® Antifoam products on the respective Technical Data Sheets (TDS). If the regulation that you need for your application is not mentioned in the TDS (eg. specific FDA, ISEGA, Swiss ordinance, GB standards of China) it may be that the compliance has not yet been evaluated. If this is the case, please contact us with your questions and the regulation you need to fulfill for your application.

Food status of the TEGO® Antifoam product range
EC Regulation 10/2011
FDA 175.105
FDA 175.125
FDA 175.300
FDA 176.170
FDA 176.180
FDA 176.200
FDA 176.210
FDA 177.1210
FDA 177.2600
TEGO® Antifoam KS 53
TEGO® Antifoam 2290
TEGO® Antifoam 2291
TEGO® Antifoam 4-88
TEGO® Antifoam 4-94
TEGO® Antifoam 2-89
TEGO® Antifoam 1488
TEGO® Antifoam 204
TEGO® Antifoam 2-80
For restrictions please refer to the technical data sheet