Additives for Polymer Dispersions

Additives to improve production, processing and performance of polymer dispersions and adhesives

Evonik is a leading supplier of surface-active ingredients and performance additives. Our product portfolio ranges from organic chemicals to highly specialized products based on silicone chemistry.

Our raw materials, additives, and process auxiliaries make it possible to control and adjust the behavior of surfaces precisely, including such processes as defoaming, wetting, dispersing, and emulsifying.

We keep developing and improving our products and technologies, thanks to outstanding research and our technical service laboratories at our headquater in Essen, Germany, and at our subsidiaries in Hopewell, Virginia, USA, and Shanghai, China. 

Aqueous systems have become the preferred choice for various applications in numerous industries. Dispersions require additives and process aids during production and in their final application to provide the desired performance.

Many aqueous adhesive dispersions  tend to foam due to their chemical composition. The experts differentiate between the creation of macrofoam and microfoam, both of which can be  avoided when using products within the TEGO® Antifoam range.