Additives for Polymer Dispersions


The label and tape industry is one of the most dynamic markets for the application of waterbased polymer dispersion. 

In waterbased Pressure Sensitive Adhesives interface phenomena are of superior importance. Problems like macro-/micro-foam or surface defects require specific solutions. Based on our special know-how about interfacial chemistry we offer high performance additives for polymer adhesives controlling processes like defoaming, deaerating and wetting.

TEGO® Antifoam products are unique.  Carefully selected and formulated base materials provide excellent foam control and maximum compatibility at the same time. The well balanced raw material base leads to a wide range of excellent defoamers, suitable for a multitude of industry applications. Our antifoams do not adversely affect  the performance of dispersions and have long-term stability, providing enhanced efficiency even after storage of the formulated dispersions.

With our range of products, the following advantages can be achieved: Reduction/elimination of foam or bubbles, eliminated microfoam while maintaining good compatibility, improved dynamic wetting behavior on difficult surfaces, higher toughness and improved mechanical properties, viscosity and CLTE modification using reactive resin modifiers, improved dispersing of fillers, longer lifetimes ... just to name a few.

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