Additives for Polymer Dispersions

Production of polymer dispersions

The polymer dispersions industry group has many years of experience in supplying antifoams and emulsifiers for the production of emulsion polymers as well as suspension polymers. 

Since the specific type of emulsifier used determines the type of defoamer/antifoam required, Evonik offers not only a broad range of emulsifiers but also an equally broad range of defoamers. Since the use of a defoamer can significantly affect the production process itself and also the quality of the final product, the right defoamer has to have the following properties.

Properties of the TEGO® Antifoam product range

  • High efficiency for macrofoam
  • High compatibility
  • No negative side effects on polymerization process and product quality
  • Long term efficiency
  • Good handling
  • Attractive cost /performance ratio