Additives for Polymer Dispersions

Technology solutions for Polymer Dispersions

Backed up by its technical know-how and history in the synthesis of organomodified siloxanes and organic surface active components like defoamers, wetting agents & thickeners, Evonik has a unique and strong position as supplier of additives for polymer dispersions. 

Based on surface science, Evonik is actively developing new molecules which can offer special application properties by themselves or in formulations. Our ability to run tests according to customers needs in our Tech Service Labs creates a perfect base for a strong partnership with producers or formulators of polymer dispersions.


Our coagulants are used for the thermo-sensitisation of latices and can be used on their own or in combination with salt coagulation.

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Defoamers / Antifoams

The carefully selected and formulated base materials (organomodified siloxanes and/or organic oils) provide excellent foam control and maximum compatibility at the same time. The well balanced raw material base leads to a wide range of excellent polymer defoamers, suitable for a multitude of industry applications.

Dispersing agents

Dispersing agents are surface-active ingredients, which ease the incorporation of pigments and fillers into a liquid. Agglomerates are broken up by shearing whereby new surfaces are created. They are wetted by dispersing agents which stabilize the aggregates of pigments or fillers.


The product listing represents a part of the available surfactants and polymer emulsifiers of Evonik. If this selection is not sufficient more detailed information about the complete range of products and possibilities is available on request.


Thickeners are not only used to increase the viscosity of dispersions, but to adjust their rheological profiles, required for certain types of application processes. Our TEGO® Rheo additives, associative polyurethane thickeners, provide either newtonian or pseudoplastic flow behavior.

Wetting agents

Wetting agents are used to achieve very different effects, ranging from the wetting of critical substrates, e.g. label applications, to the wetting of fillers in construction adhesives or to enlarge open times of formulated adhesives

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Aqueous systems have become the preferred choice for various applications in numerous industries. Dispersions require additives and process aids during production and in their final application to provide the desired performance.

Many aqueous adhesive dispersions tend to foam due to their chemical composition. The experts differentiate between the creation of macrofoam and microfoam, both of which can be avoided when using products within the TEGO® Antifoam range.