Additives for Polymer Dispersions

Wetting Agents

Adding a droplet for perfect surfaces.

Wetting agents are used to achieve very different effects, ranging from the wetting of critical substrates, e.g. label applications, to the wetting of fillers in construction adhesives or to enlarge open times of formulated adhesives.
The right selection of wetting agents makes it possible to adjust an adhesive formulation to meet the demand of the special field of application. Evonik offers a range of wetting agents based on different chemical technologies such as organic modified siloxanes, alkoxylates and sulfosuccinates.

The following chart gives an overview about the main characteristics:

Properties of our polymer wetting agents

Surface tension (dest. water 0.1%)
approx. 29 mN/m
< 25 mN/m
approx. 30 mN/m
Dy. surface tension (dest. water 0.1%, 10 Hz)
38 - 40 mN/m
46 - 54 mN/m
37 - 39 mN/m
Foam tendency
strong foaming
medium foaming  
low foaming
≥ o.6 w%
≥ o.3 w%
≥ o.3 w%