Application areas

Application areas

Additives for Polymer Dispersions

Polymer dispersions provide a multitude of advantages and benefits under economical, technical and environmental aspects. Consequently, aqueous systems have become the preferred choice in countless applications throughout numerous industries.

Most of the dispersions require additives and processing aids during production and in their final application in order to provide the desired performance. Evonik offers antifoams, wetting agents, foaming agents, emulsifiers and coagulants.

To adjust adhesive formulations to the desired use and application TEGO® Antifoams, wetting agents and rheology modifier are the right additives.

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TEGO® products are well known as process aids in the production of E-PVC and S-PVC. Emulsifiers and secondary Suspension aids stabilizes the PVC emulsion or suspension and TEGO® Antifoams destroy unwanted foam that may slow down the production.

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TEGO® Antifoams and wetting agents to get better surface covering without getting surface defects.

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Antifoams and emulsifiers, which improves the production process of polymer dispersion.

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