Solutions for latex dipping

Solutions for Latex Dipping Processes


Evonik offers extensive portfolio solutions in latex dipping processes.

Both salt coagulation and thermo-coagulation are supported by our special  process additives. Our customers in the latex dipping market benefit from our expansive product range, specialty designed formulations and application 
expertise and our global services.

Latex dipping process

As the process chart shows the latex dipping process can be distinguished by salt-coagulation and heat-sensitive processes. Evonik has offered an aligned product portfolio for both steps that is able to address different needs and challenges.

Our wetting agents can help tackle poor wetting of coagulant onto former, which can be a typical issue at finger joints. If you are dealing with so called foam lamella and foam in your latex tank you might want to check our defoamers and dewebbing aids. Dispersant are designed to help with poor compound stability and viscosity issues. Lastly coagulants are useful to adjust low coagulation efficiency which is especially useful for medical and textile gloves.

Solutions for Latex Dipping Processes

Solutions for Latex Dipping Processes

Evonik offers extensive portfolio  solutions in latex dipping processes. Both salt coagulation and thermo-coagulation are supported by our special process additives. Our customers in the latex dipping market benefit from our expansive product range, specialty designed formulations and application expertise and our global services.