Defoaming & Dewebbing Agents

Solutions for latex dipping

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     Surfynol® DF-37 defoamer is a versatile, oil-based defoamer that is an effective foam-control agent in latex dipping processes as well as coating and ink formulations, among other industrial applications.

  • TEGO® Antifoam 2-89

    TEGO® Antifoam 2-89 is an antifoam emulsion based on Polyethersiloxane.

  • TEGO® Antifoam 2290

    TEGO® Antifoam 2290 is a self-emulsifying APEO-free organic antifoam concentrate based on paraffinic oil. The product is free of silicone and does not contain any silica.

  • TEGO® Antifoam 3045

    TEGO® Antifoam 3045 is a proprietary organic oil defoamer designed to control and typically eliminate foam, pinholes and entrapped air in water-based adhesives and paper coatings without generating surface defects.