Dispersing agents

Dispersing Agents

Additives for Polymer Dispersions

Stabilizing with know-how.

Dispersing agents are surface-active ingredients, which ease the incorporation of pigments and fillers into a liquid. Agglomerates are broken up by shearing whereby new surfaces are created. They are wetted by dispersing agents which stabilize the aggregates of pigments or fillers. Dispersing agents have an amphiphilic structure which combines the following requirements:

They must be capable of being strongly adsorbed onto the particle surface and therefore possess specific anchoring groups. As a second requirement the molecule must contain polymeric chains that give steric stabilization in the required system. Dispersing agents can provide ionic stabilization if they contain anionic or cationic structure elements. 

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Product Listing

  • TEGOMER® DA 640

    TEGOMER® DA 640 is an anionic modified polyether to be used for the following main applications: - dispersing of fillers as well as of inorganic and organic pigments in water-based systems - flocculation of inorganic pigments or fillers even in presence of high electrolyte content - emulsifier for the polymerization

  • TEGOMER® DA 646

    TEGOMER® DA 646 is a wetting and dispersing additive based on polyether technology and can be used as dispersant in liquid or solid concen-trates. Furthermore TEGOMER® DA 646 is an emulsifier technology to replace APEO in polymer dispersions.

  • TEGOMER® DA 850

    TEGOMER® DA 850 is a polymeric copolymer with pigment affinic groups to be used as a dispersant in water based-surroundings. It allows to transfer water-based pigment slurries into thermoplastics when water is being evaporated during the extrusion process.